Melon and Orange Whole Fruit Crisps – 20 Packs Multipack Box


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  1. Healthy and Award-Winning Snack Choice
    • Nim’s Air Dried Melon and Orange Fruit Crisps offer a deliciously healthy snack option, crafted using the whole fruits and recognized for their great taste and nutritional value, receiving prestigious awards.
  2. Rich in Fiber and Vitamin C
    • These crisps are high in fiber and Vitamin C, contributing to a nutritious snacking choice, and providing a portion of your recommended daily intake.
  3. Diverse and Wholesome Ingredients
    • Made with a combination of 50% melon and 50% orange, these crisps bring the natural sweetness and health benefits of both fruits, enhancing the flavor and nutritional profile.
  4. Allergen-Friendly Production
    • Manufactured in Nim’s very own nut, dairy, and gluten-free factory, ensuring a safe and allergen-free snack for individuals with specific dietary sensitivities.
  5. Versatile Usage and Convenient Packaging
    • Each packet contains 22g of crisps, making it a convenient and portable snack. Nim’s Melon and Orange Fruit Crisps are great on their own or can be used to enhance the flavor of dips, salads, and soups, offering a versatile and enjoyable snacking experience.

Melon and Orange Whole Fruit Crisps – 20 Packs Multipack Box

Nim’s Air Dried Melon and Orange Fruit Crisps present a delightful and nutritious snacking option, meticulously crafted to preserve the great taste and nutritional value of the whole fruit. These crisps have garnered awards, recognized for their delicious flavor and health benefits. Packed with essential fiber and Vitamin C, they make for a wholesome addition to your daily diet, meeting one of your five-a-day nutritional requirements. Melons, a key component of these crisps, are rich in vitamins and minerals, promoting hydration, aiding digestion, and supporting healthy skin.

The inclusion of oranges, another vital ingredient, further enhances the health benefits. Oranges are abundant in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that boosts the immune system, improves skin health, and aids in wound healing. The versatility of Nim’s Fruit Crisps allows them to be enjoyed independently or creatively sprinkled on salads, soups, or paired with dips, enhancing the taste and providing a satisfying crunch. Made in a dedicated allergen-free factory, these crisps are suitable for a wide range of dietary needs, being vegan and gluten-free. Comprising 50% melon and 50% orange, these crisps embody Nim’s commitment to utilizing the whole fruit in their products. The prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation affirms Nim’s dedication to revolutionizing the snacking market with a healthy ‘crisp’ alternative, solidifying their status as innovators in providing high-quality and nutritious snacking choices.

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