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Explore Nim’s delightful range of products, including tantalizing fruit crisps, veg crisps, and kid-friendly snacks. Elevate your beverages with their cocktail drink garnishes and infusions. Savour the uniqueness of edible fruit and veg teas, and immerse yourself in the world of botanicals, spices, and beautifully curated gift hampers for an extraordinary culinary adventure.


Nim’s natural and nutritious fruit crisps are a burst of natural flavours in every crunchy bite, that is 100% allergen free!

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Nim’s natural and nutritious veg crisps are farm fresh goodness, crisped to perfection, which is 100% vegetarian and vegan!

Nim’s natural and nutritious kids crisps: Healthy bites, big smiles! Packed with Fun flavours and happy crunching!

Fruit and Veg Tea is a delightful and innovative infusion crafted from a blend of fresh, all-natural fruits and vegetables.

Nim’s botanicals are a burst of nature’s essence, enhancing flavours in every bite or sip.

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