Kids’ Sweet Snack Box


7 packs of each of our Nim’s Kids’ Amazing Apple and Perfect Pineapple crisps.

The ideal stay at home snack when you can’t always get your hands on fresh fruit and veg.

Made from the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit, these crisps will give your little ones (or you) 1 of your 5 a day in 1 pack.


NEW Watermelon 22g (12 pack)


Fancy carrying a watermelon with you but don’t quite know how to manage? Well Nim’s have solved that problem for you. Enjoy watermelon on the go and know that you’ve helped reduce food waste too! The whole fruit is washed, sliced, dried and packed-skin, fruit and seeds! The nutrients in the skin and seeds give you great health benefits and now you get to eat the lot.

NEW Watermelon Crisps 22g


Introducing the newest fruit crisp in our range 100% air dried Watermelon! Each crisp is made from slices of fresh watermelon, skin and pips included-giving you all of the nutritional benefits and benefitting the planet by creating zero food waste. Never before has it been this easy to carry watermelon.


Nim’s Apple Crisps Share Bag


You asked for it,so here it is………your favourite air dried apple crisps now in share bag size!

Each pack contains 3 portions. If you can’t eat them all in one go, share them with your family and friends!

70g of delicious apple crisps. As always, they are air dried, not fried with no added ingredients.

Allergen free.

Nim’s Apple Crisps. Box of 12.


The favourite English fruit….a simple apple, yet when dried, it becomes something else indeed. A crunchy, crispy snack in a pack.

Pop a pack in your lunchbox or briefcase and get 1 of your 5 a day the easy way.

12 packs of our air dried apple crisps. Delicious.

Pineapple Variety Box


Love pineapple? Why not try our variety box. Nim’s have mixed pineapple with other delicious fruits and vegetables.

Box contains 4 packs of each of our pineapple packs. Pineapple and Beetroot, Pineapple and Kiwi and good old Pineapple.

Red Love Apple Crisps 20g


Limited Edition!

Treat yourself or loved one this Valentines day with Red Love Apple Crisps.

The perfect light snack that is healthy, delicious and nutritious.

Made using red flesh Apples.

They say the way to someones heart is through their stomach. Try it with Nim’s

Pineapple 20g


Ingredients: 100% Pineapple

Our sparkling bites of pineapple deliver those dynamic flavours your taste buds’ desire. Winner of a Great Taste Award, and all-round fan favourite!

Apple 20g



Our delicious apple crisps offer a stimulating, scrumptious bite and crunch in every mouthful. Winner of a Great Taste Food Award! As they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Our premier variety of air-dried fruit crisps, this is the perfect light snack that is healthy, delicious & nutritious.

Apple 20g (12 Packs)



12 x 20g packets
Ingredients: 100% Apple
12 pack wholesale box of our delicious apple crisps, offering a stimulating, scrumptious bite and crunch in every mouthful. Winner of a Gold Star Great Taste Award.

Pineapple & Kiwi 22g


Ingredients: 70% Pineapple, 30% Kiwi

This sharp and refreshing pairing is the ideal blend of sweet and sour for those who like their fruit with a bit of a bite!

The Ultimate Box (24 Packs)


A mega box of 24 delicious packs that includes 3 packs of each of our fruit and vegetable flavours

Yes, you read that right!

4 x Apple, 4 x Pineapple, 4 x Watermelon, 3x Pineapple & Beetroot, 3 x Pineapple & Kiwi, 3 x Beetroot & Parsnip, 3 x Peppers & Courgette. This is the ultimate healthy snack box, all of the goodness and none of the guilt.