Nim’s Air Dried Lime Drink Garnish 50g

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Flavour: Lime Infusions
  • Kumquat drink garnish
  • Lemon Drink Garnish
  • Lime Drink Garnish
  • Orange Drink Garnish
  • Grapefruit Drink Garnish
  • Our Air Dried Lime Drink Garnish is carefully crafted from 100% natural limes, preserving their vibrant flavor through meticulous air-drying.
  • Hassle-free and easily stored, these garnish slices provide a mess-free way to elevate your drinks with a burst of tangy lime flavor.
  • Perfect for garnishing cocktails, mocktails, or adding a zesty touch to water, they bring a sophisticated flair to any beverage.
  • Infuse your drinks with refreshing lime flavor and enjoy the added hydration—a delightful choice for enhancing your beverages.
  • Brilliant with Margaritas, Gin & Tonic, and Rum: These slices are a great addition to a variety of drinks. They are especially delicious with Margaritas, Gin & Tonics, and Rum.

Nim’s Air Dried Lime Drink Garnish 50g

Liven up your drinks with the delicious and easy-to-use Air Dried Lime Drink Garnish from Nim’s.

These slices are made with 100% natural ingredient – lime, and have a long shelf life, so you can enjoy them for months to come. They’re also mess-free, fuss-free, and waste-free, making them the perfect way to add flavor to your drinks without the hassle.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Nim’s Dried Lime Drink Garnish Slices:

  • Garnish your cocktails and mocktails. These slices add a touch of sophistication to any drink.
  • Add flavor to your water. They’re a great way to jazz up your water and keep you hydrated.
  • Use them to make infused syrups. Simply add the slices to a jar of sugar and water, let it sit for a few days, and you’ll have a delicious and flavorful syrup that you can use in your drinks.

With these hassle-free and easily stored garnish slices, you can effortlessly elevate your drinks with a burst of tangy lime goodness, all without the mess. Whether you’re garnishing cocktails, mocktails, or simply adding a zesty touch to water, these slices bring a sophisticated flair to any beverage.

Not only do they infuse your drinks with a refreshing lime flavor, but they also provide added hydration, making them a delightful choice for enhancing your everyday beverages. Brilliant when paired with Margaritas, Gin & Tonics, or Rum, these garnish slices are the perfect addition to a variety of drinks. Their unique tangy profile truly shines when combined with the classic flavors of Margaritas, the refreshing crispness of Gin & Tonics, or the smoothness of Rum. Add a touch of elegance and a burst of flavor to your drinks with our Air Dried Lime Drink Garnish slices—a must-have for any beverage enthusiast seeking a delightful and sophisticated twist.

No matter how you use them, Nim’s Air-Dried Citrus Slices are the perfect way to add flavor and sophistication to your drinks. So what are you waiting for? Try them today!

Air Dried Lime Drink Garnish


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Jo Cottell
Lovely and natural

So I purchased the amazing apple crisps for my daughter as she has them at her school tuck shop, and she loves them. It was my turn to try something’s myself, and I was not disappointed. Tasty and all natural, thanks Nima. The lime is amazing in your drink, I had mine with a sneaky G&T, my partner with a soft drink. I also purchased the mixed box of crisps, and they are a healthy snack. Thanks Nims

Peter Robinson

The air dried lime slices are amazing. Makes my G&Ts so special and they look so good, very professional too in the drink too.
The only disappointment is the couriers used to deliver. On the day of delivery it had been raining all day. No one was in to take delivery and so the courier just throw the package over the garden wall! The box enclosing the lime slices had almost disintegrated. Exposing the individual packets which hold the lime slices. These individual air tight packages are so strong and air tight the lime slices thankfully survived and were still safe and dry.
I do wish courier and delivery people would use their common sense and not just throw packages over garden walls and especially when the weather can be damaging to the main boxing used to pack such delicate items.
However, in this case, no damage occurred to the items themselves which is testimony to the quality of this item and immediate packaging used, well done to Nim’s! Thank you


These are great slides for garnishing desserts or cocktails. They give off a pleasant aroma and a slight taste of lime too. They can elevate home made cocktails and they are easy to use and store in the pouch. There were about two slimmer and slightly broken limes but a great idea and we're happy with these.


A true zesty delight for those of us seeking a healthy snack! These air-dried lime slices add the perfect tangy twist to any beverage or dish. I've been enjoying them with a glass of fizzy water or a splash of coke to spice up my daily sipping. Not to mention, they make for an intriguing garnish in my homemade mocktails. Who said healthy can't be fun and flavourful?

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