Nim's Hot New Releases

Introducing Nim’s Hot New Releases: A range of versatile, 100% natural fruit crisps designed to cater to diverse taste preferences, from single-flavor options like apples, pineapple, and watermelon to delectable mixed fruit combinations such as melon and orange or pineapple and kiwi, providing a burst of pure, untamed flavor in every bite. These crisps are the perfect addition to lunchboxes, post-workout snacks, or a delightful guilt-free indulgence that pairs impeccably with your preferred dips when entertaining friends and family. Crafted with utmost care, our products are free from added sugars, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients, ensuring you experience the authentic essence of the fruit. Immerse yourself in the natural flavours and nutritional goodness retained through our unique air-drying process, making these crisps an ideal choice for those seeking low-sugar, high-fiber, low-carb, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan snacks, adding a touch of wholesome delight to your shopping routine. Explore the vibrant colours, genuine flavours, and nutrient-packed delights in every bag as you embark on a truly refreshing snacking journey with Nim’s Hot New Releases.

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