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Nim’s natural and nutritious products: Vegan, 100% Allergen free and made in the UK
Crisps, Edible Teas, Drink Garnishes, Botanicals and Spices

Nim's natural and nutritious products

Welcome to Nim's, where we blend innovation with a passion for great taste. We're known for making awesome products using only the finest fruits and veg, and guess what? No added anything – just pure goodness.

Whether you're into the crunchy vibes of our Air Dried Fruit Crisps, the savoury goodness of our Vegetable Crisps, the refreshing twist of Edible Fruit Teas, or the zesty kick of our Drink Garnishes, know this: each one is made to perfection in our very own factory, right in the heart of the Garden of England – Kent.

But here's the scoop – we're not just about making tasty treats. We're also on a mission to keep it natural and keep it nutritious.
No mess. No fuss. No Waste. JUST GREAT TASTE.

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