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Our Sustainability Policy.

The team at Nim’s are always working on ways to improve our contribution to lowering our carbon footprint, increase our use of recyclable packaging and products and reduce the waste that we produce overall.

Our crisps are made using the whole fruit or vegetable, this includes skin, core, pips and seeds, meaning that we produce almost zero food waste.  This is with the exception of pineapples, (nobody likes a prickly snack) which we peel and top. This food waste, along with what other little food waste we produce (the odd rotten apple), is collected by an anaerobic waste company who convert inedible food waste into renewable energy.

We process several hundred tons of fruit every year and we can guarantee that 98% of it does not go to waste. Even the smaller pieces of crisps, our “fines”, that are too small to class as a crisp are turned into other products. This year alone we have launched 2 new products that are made from the fruit fines. Our Edible Teas, the first Nim’s product that literally creates zero waste, as the entire product, from box to sachet is recyclable or home compostable. Then Nim’s Toppers were dreamt up. They are made from the smallest pieces of fruit and vegetables and can be sprinkled onto cereals, soups, salads and yoghurts for an easy way to your 5 a day.  

We are very serious about helping to protect and repair the environment. We want to ensure that the next generation can enjoy this planet in all its beauty and that means cleaning up the huge mess that we as a race have been making since the 1950s.

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In Our Factory

In our factory, we recycle almost everything. The pallets we send our finished products out on, are re-useable and never single purpose. Any broken pallets are collected and recycled by local builders and tradesmen. Our fruit storage bins are made from toughened, food grade, recyclable virgin plastic instead of single use containers that we would have to dispose of frequently. We have a cardboard recycling container that is supplied by Smurfit Kappa. Local farmers also collect pallet loads of cardboard boxes for use on their farms and deliveries. Everything is reusable rather than disposable.  

With Our Food

We are diligent who we source our fruit and vegetables from.  All of our suppliers are Global Gap, BRC, IFS ISO2200 or EFSAW certified.   80% plus of our products are made using British produce with a majority being within 20-30 mile radius of our factory in Sittingbourne, Kent ensuring a standard of quality and sustainability in everything we produce.

What we are most proud of is that the majority of our products are made using fruit and veg that’s been rejected by supermarkets because of size or shape or simply because they don’t meet aesthetic standards.  Well, we LOVE ugly fruit and we’re passionate about supporting British farmers so it’s a win-win for all of us.

Responsible sourcing is a way of doing business that enables us to say with confidence that we know where our ingredients and packing materials come from and how they were made.

We work with our suppliers to ensure that our supply chains are transparent, from the source to the finished product. It also means identifying and addressing key issues along the way, including human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, health and safety and business integrity.

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Sustainability & Environmental Conscience

We recycle as much as we can; from cardboard to wooden pallets, to our food waste. Nearly everything we use is recycled or recyclable. We are even looking into biodegradable/compostable crisp packets!

We keep our entire factory extremely tidy and we ensure that we properly dispose of all of our waste using dedicated professional services. This ensures that nearly nothing of ours goes to landfill.

We are passionate about reducing food waste. We operate a nearly zero food waste site, with only pineapple skins being thrown away. Even so, these are put into food waste and disposed of it at a local Anaerobic Digestion facility. Here it is processed and ultimately converted into renewable energy.

We Remain Dedicated & Transparent About Our Environmental Work


Nim’s Fruit Limited is commited to practical measures to ensure the environmental responsibilities of the company are discharged. The company accepts its obligations both legal and social to employees and to other persons who may be affected by our activities.

This Environmental Policy embraces:

  • Use of energy efficiently throughout the operations.
  • Compliance with Packaging Waste Regulations 2012 and Environmental Regulations 2010
  • The company will ensure all packaging in liaison with customers is the minimum necessary for physical protection, safety and delivery of its products to the point of use.
  • Encouraging suppliers through Audit of the Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure they have adequate environmental control in their operations that effect the implementation of this policy.
  • Recycle waste cardboard and investigate the possibilities of recycling other waste products when it becomes economically viable, where feasible recycled stationery materials will be used.
  • Display this policy in a prominent position throughout the facility and inform key staff of any specific demands made on them as a result of following it
  • With the co-operation of all employees the requirements of this policy can be met.
  • Demonstrate respect for our neighbours environment in avoidance of undue noise, minimal commercial traffic entering the site and the safe and prompt disposal of all waste materials.
  • Overall responsibility for this policy is managing director, Nimisha Raja.

SIgned: Nimisha Raja

Date: 30/12/15

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