Vegetable Crisps

Nim’s Vegetable Crisps is a versatile range of products that caters for many taste preferences, all made with 100% natural ingredients. From air-dried mixed vegetable flavour packs of peppers and courgettes, beetroot and parsnip, tomato and cucumber through to our mixed winter vegetable crisps of beetroot and butternut squash, bubble and squeak or traditional Brussel sprouts, all crafted with care. Each product bursts with flavour and maintains its natural taste. If you prefer savoury flavours then grab a bag of Nim’s Vegetable Crisps for lunchboxes, a snack after the gym or simply as a good-to-eat treat. Add to your favourite snacks when you have friends and family over, they work well with dips and the larger share bags are ideal for parties and get-togethers. Crafted with care, the range of products contains no added sugars, preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients-just the pure essence of the vegetable. Immerse your taste buds in the essence of nature with Nim’s Vegetable Crisps. Our air-drying process preserves all the nutritional goodness, making these delectable healthy crisps a perfect addition to your weekly shop. As a snack, Nim’s Vegetable Crisps can serve as a guilt-free replacement, ideal for those seeking low-calorie sugar substitutes, high-fibre, low-carb keto snacks, all while being gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Embrace the natural flavours, colours, and nutrients packed into each bag through our meticulous air-drying process. Savour the goodness of these products in a whole new way.

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