Our Crisps

We have three classifications of Crisps:

  1. Fruit crisps
  2. Vegetable crisps
  3. Kids crisps

These crisps are 100% allergen free! They are made in our nut free factory, and is gluten free! All our crisps are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as their are 100% real fruit or vegetable air dried.

You can buy these crisps as either single individual packs or multipack box or mix of crisps selection box. Checkout the three categories below:

These healthy crisps can be eaten alone or with salads or add in other recipes! 

Kids will really fall in love in Nim’s apple and courgette crisps. You can try these from your kids and see how they will addict to these natural fibre rich stuff! This will help in promoting a healthy life of your child. Our crisps are certified as 1 of your 5 a day!


Let’s see the varieties of crisps we have in each of our category:

Vegetable crisps

Fruit crisps

Kids crisps

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