Beetroot & Pineapple Loose Tea (150g)



Flavour: Beetroot & Pineapple
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  • Nim’s Edible Fruit & Vegetable teas present loose tea infusions created exclusively from fresh fruit and veg, air-dried to maintain their natural and authentic flavors, providing a one-of-a-kind tea experience.
  • Each pack offers 12 servings of loose air-dried fruit & veg, providing a convenient and nutritious option to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. Whether using a small teapot with an infuser or simply adding hot water to a mug, infusing the tea for 5-10 minutes allows you to control the taste intensity, with longer infusion times resulting in stronger flavors.
  • After enjoying your tea, savor the delight of rehydrated fruit and veg, offering a delicious and easy way to enjoy a portion of your recommended 5-a-day intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • For a refreshing twist, consider chilling the tea and relish it over ice, providing a revitalizing and enjoyable beverage choice suitable for any occasion.
  • Embrace a healthier lifestyle with Nim’s Edible Fruit & Vegetable teas, where the fusion of taste and nutrition encourages you to sip, savor, and nourish your body, making it an excellent choice to complement your wellness journey. Don’t forget, as a loose product, you can effortlessly adjust the portion size to suit your individual taste preferences, ensuring a personalized and satisfying tea experience.

Beetroot & Pineapple Loose Tea (150g)


Nim’s Edible Fruit & Vegetable teas. These loose tea infusions use only fresh fruit and veg that has been air-dried to preserve it’s natural flavour.

Each pack contains 12 serving of loose air-dried fruit & veg. Ideal for use in a small teapot with infuser or empty into a mug and add hot water. Infuse for 5-10 minutes, the longer you infuse, the stronger the taste. Once the tea has been enjoyed, you can eat the deliciously rehydrated fruit and veg. An easy way to your 5 a day!

Don’t forget that you can chill your tea and enjoy over ice!

Drink-Eat-Be Healthier.

Obviously, as it is a loose product, feel free to adjust portion size to taste.

Each packet: 150g

Ingredients: 50% Beetroot, 50% Pineapple

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