Nim’s Whole Allspice Pimento 100g


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  • Our allspice contains no additives, flavor enhancers or artificial flavors and is vegan.
  • Our allspice grains are dried gently to maintain the raw food quality.
  • The properties of the allspice and its possible uses are becoming increasingly popular. These have been very popular in our everyday lives in Asia, but also in Europe.
  • Allspice grains are perfect for refining not only various dishes, e.g. for game and roasts, but also spice mixes, including Christmas cookies.
  • The resealable bag ensures the durability of the product and the preservation of its aroma.

Nim’s Whole Allspice Pimento 100g

Nim’s Whole Pimento Allspice is a culinary treasure that boasts 100% natural authenticity. We take pride in presenting an allspice that remains untouched by additives, flavor enhancers, or artificial flavors—ideal for those seeking a genuine, pure taste sensation, perfectly aligned with vegan preferences. Our commitment to preserving the best raw food quality is evident as we gently dry the allspice grains, ensuring they maintain their natural essence and nutritional value.

Embrace the essence of Nim’s Whole Pimento Allspice in your daily culinary ventures. Across Asia and Europe, this revered spice is gaining popularity for its distinctive properties and versatile applications. Elevate the flavors of various dishes, including game and roasts, or craft delightful spice mixes and infuse the festive spirit into Christmas cookies—the possibilities are endless with our allspice grains.

The resealable packaging we provide guarantees the freshness and longevity of the product, locking in its aromatic allure. Nim’s Whole Pimento Allspice embodies the true flavors of nature, adding an essential and exquisite seasoning to your kitchen. Discover the epitome of quality and authenticity with Nim’s Allspice Pimento in its whole, unadulterated form.

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