Nim’s Infusions – All of the Flavour, None of the Fuss

If you cast your mind back 2 years ago, things were a lot different. The UK had only just voted to leave the EU, Game of Thrones was the biggest show on TV, and Nim’s weren’t even stocked in Tesco or Co-Op (THE HORROR)!!

We did, however, have big ideas and we had an idea for our air-dried citrus we had been experimenting with. The main idea? Why not put the slices in our favourite drinks?

Nim's Infusions
Our Initial Promotional Poster circa 2016!

This saw the launch of our new Nim’s Infusions – A range of air-dried orange, lemon and lime slices designed to re-hydrate imparting beautiful flavour and colour to your favourite drinks (hot or cold). Perfect for bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants to use in place of fresh lemons and limes when serving beverages, these were initially a trade only item. NO MORE! We are happy to announce that we have opened these little bundles of flavour to you the consumer.

Nim’s Infusions received such a positive response from visitors to the Bar and Pub show 2016 with many bar and restaurant owners commenting how incredible it would be to have no wastage as they currently do when using fresh citrus fruit in drinks. We then started thinking, what else do we put in drinks? So we have added a Cucumber Infusion to the range as well as limited editions Mulled Wine Spice Kit & Pink Grapefruit Infusions.

We’ve been hard at work ensuring that every slice is as perfect as possible to ensure the maximum amount of flavour for your drink. So naturally, we decided to make cocktails to prove that they could enhance any drink.

We made the classic G&T with our cucumber slices, an orange-infused Old Fashioned and for the non-drinkers, we even did a mocktail pitcher!

From there we haven’t stopped experimenting, creating Manhattans with a twist or grapefruit Negronis!

We have even just thrown a couple of lemon slices into some green tea for a wonderful naturally healthy infusion.

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