Nim’s Kids Apple Crisps Box 30 Packs

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  • Nim’s Kids Air Dried Apple Fruit Crisps: Deliciously healthy, whole-fruit crisps
  • High in Fiber and Vitamin C, certified as 1 of your 5 a day
  • Made in a dedicated, nut, dairy, and gluten-free factory
  • Perfect for dipping or sprinkling on salads and soups
  • Certified Vegan, Kosher, and Halal, each pack contains 16g of 100% Apple

Nim’s Kids Apple Crisps Box 30 Packs


Nim’s Kids Apple Crisps Box – A Royal Seal of Approval for Healthy Snacking

Introducing Nim’s Kids Air Dried Apple Fruit Crisps, a delightful and innovative snack option that will tantalize young taste buds. These crisps are created by air-drying whole apples, preserving their incredible natural flavor. Nim’s Fruit Crisps have achieved acclaim as both award-winning and health-conscious snacks. Loaded with fiber and Vitamin C, they are certified as an essential part of your daily fruit intake.

Our production takes place within a dedicated facility that is entirely free from nuts, dairy, and gluten, ensuring the highest quality standards. These apple crisps are perfect for packing in lunchboxes, as an after-school snack, or simply as a delicious treat. They can also elevate your kids’ snack time when they have friends and family over.

Nim’s Kids Crisps offer a versatile range of products to cater to various taste preferences, all crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Whether it’s air-dried single-flavor packs of fruity apples or the delightful single-flavor vegetable courgette crisps, each product bursts with natural, delectable flavors.

In recognition of our commitment to revolutionizing the snacking market with a healthier “crisp” alternative, Nim’s has been honored with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation. Join us on our mission for healthier snacking with Nim’s Kids Apple Crisps.

Each box contains a 16g pack of Nim’s Kids Apple Crisps, made with 100% apple as the sole ingredient.

Ingredients: 100% Apple

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