Nim’s Ultimate Mystery Box : The Enigmatic Wonders



Nim’s Epic Adventure Never Stops! This Ultimate box include almost every item from Nim’s!

  1. Diverse Crisp Selections: Explore a wide array of crisps ranging from classic flavors to unique and exotic options, curated to satisfy every palate.
  2. Gourmet Garnishes: Elevate your culinary creations with an assortment of premium garnishes, adding delightful textures and flavors to your dishes.
  3. Tea Time Delights: Immerse yourself in the world of teas with a carefully curated assortment, from traditional blends to trendy infusions, perfect for a relaxing and aromatic tea experience.
  4. Kid-Friendly Crisps: Keep the little ones delighted with a dedicated collection of crisps designed to appeal to young taste buds, ensuring a fun and tasty snacking adventure for kids.
  5. Festive Flavors for All Seasons: Unveil the joy of festivities year-round with our Christmas Special collection, featuring seasonal crisps and complementary treats to make every celebration memorable and delicious.

Nim’s Ultimate Mystery Box : The Enigmatic Wonders


Nim’s Epic Adventure Never Stops! Nim’s Ultimate Mystery Box is a treasure trove of taste sensations. Delve into a diverse crisp selection that includes classic flavors and exotic options, complemented by gourmet garnishes to elevate your culinary endeavors. Enjoy a relaxing tea time with a variety of traditional and infused blends, and keep the little ones excited with our special kid-friendly crisps. Celebrate the magic of the holidays anytime with our festive collection, ensuring a flavorful journey through every season.

More Information

Life Style: Nim’s products are Suitable for Vegetarians. Nim’s crisps and its products are Vegan, Halal and Kosher Certified.
Allergy Advice: Nim’s crisps and its products are 100% Allergen free. Made in nut free Nim’s  Factory. It is Gluten free too!
Health: Nim’s crisps are Free of Preservatives, Sugar Free  and Salt Free. It is natural, made of 1 ingredient- fruit or vegetable!
Storage: Store Nim’s and its products in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, store in an airtight container.
Storage Type: Ambient
Manufacturer: Nim’s and its products are Made in the UK at our own factory. Address: Nim’s Fruit ltd, 3/1 Trinity Trading Estate, Tribune Drive, Sittingbourne ME10 2PG
Return To:
Nim’s Fruit Ltd, 3/1 Trinity Trading Estate, Tribune Drive, Sittingbourne ME10 2PG 
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