Nim’s Air Dried Fruit and Veg Edible Teas – 5 Packs

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Pineapple & Kiwi Loose Tea (150g)
Watermelon & Lime Loose Tea (150g)
Orange, Lemon and Pineapple Loose Tea (150g)
Apple & Beetroot Loose Tea (150g)
Beetroot & Pineapple Loose Tea (150g)

Nim’s Air Dried Fruit and Veg Edible Teas – 5 Packs

Nim’s Pineapple & Kiwi Loose Tea (150g):

  1. Tropical Harmony: Nim’s Pineapple & Kiwi Loose Tea brings together the luscious sweetness of pineapple and the tangy vibrancy of kiwi, creating a tropical medley that dances on your taste buds.
  2. Handpicked Quality: Nim’s brand ensures the highest quality by selecting premium pineapple and kiwi pieces for their loose tea, resulting in a tea blend that captures the essence of these tropical fruits.
  3. Exotic Aroma: As the tea brews, the room is filled with an enchanting aroma that transports you to a sunny paradise, making each sip an aromatic experience.
  4. Wellness Boost: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants from both pineapple and kiwi, this tea not only delights your palate but also contributes to your well-being.
  5. Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed hot or iced, Nim’s Pineapple & Kiwi Loose Tea offers a versatile and refreshing beverage that suits any time of day.

Nim’s Watermelon & Lime Loose Tea (150g):

  1. Summer Sipper: Nim’s Watermelon & Lime Loose Tea encapsulates the juicy essence of watermelon and the zesty kick of lime, crafting a tea that embodies the joys of summer.
  2. Handcrafted Blend: Nim’s brand takes pride in curating tea blends with real, handpicked watermelon and lime pieces, ensuring an authentic and flavorful tea experience.
  3. Cooling Elixir: Cold brew this tea for a revitalizing and thirst-quenching infusion that’s perfect for staying cool on warm days while relishing the rejuvenating flavors.
  4. Hydration Partner: With its hydrating qualities, courtesy of watermelon, and the invigorating citrus zest from lime, this tea helps you stay refreshed and hydrated in a flavorful way.
  5. Creative Mixology: Experiment with using Nim’s Watermelon & Lime Loose Tea as a base for mocktails or cocktails, adding a tropical twist to your beverage creations.

Nim’s Orange, Lemon and Pineapple Loose Tea (150g):

  1. Citrus Symphony: Nim’s Orange, Lemon, and Pineapple Loose Tea harmonize the zing of orange, tanginess of lemon, and tropical sweetness of pineapple, creating a citrus orchestra in every cup.
  2. Artisanal Crafting: Nim’s brand carefully selects the finest citrus and pineapple components, handcrafting a tea blend that captures the essence of these fruits and their natural flavors.
  3. Energizing Elixir: Kickstart your day with the invigorating citrus burst of this tea, which not only tantalizes your taste buds but also invigorates your senses.
  4. Healthful Choice: Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, this tea contributes to your daily wellness routine, enhancing your immune support with every sip.
  5. Hot or Iced Delight: Whether served hot to soothe your senses or chilled for a revitalizing iced treat, Nim’s Orange, Lemon, and Pineapple Loose Tea suits any occasion.

Nim’s Apple & Beetroot Loose Tea (150g):

  1. Sweet Earthiness: Nim’s Apple & Beetroot Loose Tea combines the natural sweetness of apples with the earthy undertones of beetroot, offering a uniquely balanced and inviting flavor profile.
  2. Art of Blending: Nim’s brand expertly blends apple and beetroot pieces, creating a tea that captures the essence of these ingredients and delivers a distinctive sensory experience.
  3. Vivid Infusion: Beetroot’s rich hue infuses the tea with a captivating color, transforming your tea ritual into an aesthetically pleasing experience.
  4. Antioxidant Infusion: This tea’s combination of apple and beetroot provides a boost of antioxidants, making it a flavorful way to support your body’s overall well-being.
  5. Cozy Comfort: Enjoy the cozy comfort of Nim’s Apple & Beetroot Loose Tea, especially on colder days, when its earthy notes create a soothing and warming sensation.

Nim’s Beetroot & Pineapple Loose Tea (150g):

  1. Unexpected Harmony: Nim’s Beetroot & Pineapple Loose Tea combines the earthy depth of beetroot with the tangy sweetness of pineapple, resulting in a surprisingly harmonious and intriguing blend.
  2. Crafted Excellence: Nim’s brand crafts this tea with meticulous care, ensuring that the beetroot and pineapple components are expertly balanced to create a unique and satisfying flavor fusion.
  3. Caffeine-Free Pleasure: Enjoy this caffeine-free option that offers a delightful alternative for tea enthusiasts seeking a flavorful beverage without the caffeine effects.
  4. Flavorful Exploration: Adjust steeping times to explore the tea’s diverse flavor facets—shorter steeping might emphasize pineapple’s brightness, while longer steeping could intensify beetroot’s earthiness.
  5. Naturally Beautiful: The infusion of beetroot lends a gentle rosy tint to the tea, enhancing its visual appeal and creating an artistic aspect to your tea-drinking experience.

Nim’s products are 100% natural and it is just a fruit or veg air dried, retaining all its natural ingredients without adding anything. Our product features include:

  • No Added Sugar
  • Nut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • MSG Free
  • GMO Free
  • BPO Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Allergen Free
  • Made in UK
  • 1 of 5 a Day
  • No Sulphites
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