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3 Amazing Cocktails You Will Actually Want To Drink

3 Amazing Cocktails You Will Actually Want To Drink

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The summer this year is set to be an absolute scorcher, we’re already in the grips of a heatwave and beating the heat should be done with cocktails! Now that we have that Friday Feeling we didn’t need any more excuses to add these in here.

So we recreated our favourite cocktails and gave them a little (fruit) twist!

The G&T

Let’s not start with anything overly fancy. Keeping it beautifully simple and refreshing is the classic Gin and Tonic. We tried two different versions. A classic Cucumber & Mint G&T and a Tomato & Cucumber G&T.

Because we’ve used dried tomato and cucumber crisps, when you make the cocktail add these first with the ice, then the gin and then top with tonic. Stir vigorously and you will have a drink that will infuse the longer you leave it.

Old Fashioned Cherries

If you want to keep things old-fashioned then try our take on a classic. This fruitier, sweeter version of the Old Fashioned doesn’t require sugar or muddling!

  • Jim Beam Cherry Bourbon
  • Nim’s Infusions Orange Slices (Coming Soon!)
  • Cherry (to garnish)
  • Angostura bitters
  • Ice

Usually, with an Old Fashioned, you will muddle sugar with bitters and a dash of soda. However, the sweetness of the Cherry Bourbon removes that need so in a mixing glass put a few dashes of Angostura bitters, a healthy measure of cherry bourbon, a couple of orange slices (we used a dried version but you can use fresh) and ice. Stir vigorously and make sure they mix well. Then strain into a glass of your choosing with ice and a cherry to garnish.

The Mocktail

For the designated drivers! If you’re not fancying the alcoholic varieties here is a beautiful mocktail that can be made in a pitcher and poured as needed, leaving you more time to enjoy the sun.

Such a simple mocktail, pour even parts Rochester Elderflower Presse and Biddenden Apple Juice into a pitcher of ice. Stir and then top up with soda to taste. Throw some lemon slices for extra flavour and pour into a glass of your choice!

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