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We’re all about that veg too

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What could be better than Nim’s deliciously healthy Fruit Crisps? How about the news that Nim’s is launching the UK’s first air-dried range of vegetable crisps! Tasty flavours, including Tomato & Cucumber, Pepper & Courgette and Beetroot & Parsnip will be sure to satisfy every savoury-craving foodie.

If you’re tired of having to choose between tasty snacks and healthy ones, Nim’s vegetable crisps are the answer. It’s good news all round, with the new range made from 100% fresh vegetables, as well as being air dried- without oil. Thought that was impossible- think again! They’re also suitable for gluten free diets, coeliacs and vegans! Air-drying the crisps ensures our crisps are colourful, crunchy and delicious, without compromising on nutritional value. Our new Kent-based air-drying factory means we’re always keeping an eye on the quality of our delicious crisps.

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