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Ingredients: 100% Pineapple

Our sparkling bites of pineapple deliver those dynamic flavours your taste buds’ desire. Winner of a Gold Star Great Taste Award.

Kids Courgette


Ingredients: 100% Courgette.

Yummy Courgette, sliced and air-dried. Perfect for your little ones!

Kids Carrot


Ingredients: 100% Carrot

Crunchy Carrot, sliced and air-dried. Perfect snack to help your little ones see in the dark.

Kids Pear


Ingredients: 100% Pear

An English classic, sliced and air-dried just for your little ones!

Kids Apple


Ingredients: 100% Apple

Our delicious apple crisps offer a stimulating, scrumptious bite and crunch in every mouthful. Perfect for your little ones!