Nim’s was looking to rebrand and stand out with enhanced visibility and on-shelf appeal. With an eight week lead-time to complete the project, Who Dares Design was commissioned with the task of overhauling the brand and to create a new packaging identity which would convey the authentic taste and health attributes of the Nim’s product range, while retaining a fun and adventurous brand personality within the aesthetics.

According to Who Dares Desgin, the Nim’s brand has now become the over-arching identity, serving as the clearly defined anchor which these fruit crisp variants and further range extensions will be built around as the brand continues to grow.

Phil Parkinson, founder of Who Dares Design, said: “People are often surprised at how good these products taste, and we believe that we have created an identity which will encourage consumers to choose Nim’s as an enjoyable, delicious and healthy snack proposition.”

Nimisha Raja, owner of Nim’s, added: “With an incredible array of designs put forward by Who Dares Design, we were wowed at the breadth of choice offered, each mindfully created with the brief in mind. The final result is a cohesive, stand out range that exceeds our expectations.”

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